Microscope Bulbs

Microscope servicing, sales and repairs.

We stock an extensive range of standard and specialist bulbs for most types and makes of light microscopes.

microscope servicing, microscope sales and microscope repairs in the UK
  • Standard 2-pin halogen capsule — for many modern microscopes
  • Halogen reflector — for fibre optic & stereo base illuminators
  • HBO Short arc lamps — for fluorescence illuminators
  • Low voltage tungsten — for older high & low power microscopes
  • Mains tungsten — for basic older high & low power microscopes
  • Special — unusual pre-centred bulbs for specific microscopes

With over 30 years experience in this field, we can usually supply even the most obscure bulb for an older microscope, so please let us have all the details (markings & description etc) of the bulb you need and we will endeavour to help. If a bulb has no markings a digital photo attached to an email can be useful, or post a faulty bulb to us for identification.

Contact us for a quotation or more information about the products and services we offer.